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Wine FairyTale

Imagine future you.

You're opening a bottle of Rose wine, summery fresh delicious.

But wait !

You remember being there when the grapes first reached  the winery fresh from harvest.

Not only that - you were there when they became this yummy wine & got bottled! In fact you were the one  bottling.


Now let's go back to present you, want this to be your story?


We want to invite you to our "Wine fairy tale experience",

You don't just purchase future wine - you are  part of it.


How ?? When?? Where??


By buying your future wine (6 bottles) you have the opportunity to be part of the process

AT the Soreq winery & School for wine making, you will be:

1. Crushing & pressing your wine grapes and because we are going to keep you busy, we are also going to treat you with a workers breakfast.
Date - August 2020, and you will receive A two weeks notice (at least)


2. Bottling the Rose 2021 - hear the bottles sing And bottle your very own Rose

This will happen at January 2021. 

February 2021 -  your wine will be delivered straight to your door

Scroll down to promise your fairy tale!

image0 (4).jpeg

-Crushing & Pressing experience (August 2020).

-Bottling experience (January 2021).

-6 bottles of Rose made by you & by Soreq Winery 2020 delivered to your home (February 2021).

image1 (2).jpeg

Rose Pre - Sale

Want wine, but don't want to leave your house? we got you covered!​

Rose Pre-Sale with a special price 

- Live updates on the process  every month pictures & videos

- Wine delivery to your home! (February 2021).

image2 (3).jpeg

I'm just watching

Don't want wine but want in on the making?

Bought wine & want to bring a friend to the action?

Join our "I'm Just Watching" experience.

- Meet the grapes

- Bottle away

We appreciate you so much for exploring new experiences with us. Sharing is caring- tell your friends about this wonderful opportunity. 

Your Wine Fairies-

Shira & Lee.

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