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The wine that made 2020 bearable for Lee

Written by Lee Hoffman Agiv

This is the year in which I rediscovered producers.

And really, in my top 5 there are exquisite winemakers that produce incredible wine, and the small importers that choose them one by one.

I’m dedicating this list to our suppliers – good hearted people that devoted themselves to our wine fairy madness.

Pet Nat #1 | orange wine | Barak vineyard

Made of French Colombard grapes, this wine is d

irty delicious and mildly bubbly on the one hand, yet soft and not aggressive on the other. Yossi’s wine, A rare person, huge heart, smart and rough on the edges.

This wine reminds me of the Fanta commercial from 1999

Clotaire | Beaujolais villages | Napoleone

A red wine that can be drunk any time (for me that is). Made of Gamay grapes, this wine brings to the table something that I rarely get to taste from a Beaujolais Village. Light acidity, rustic touch, bouncy on the tongue. I drank it like that, with nothing to accompany it but will work so well along good food and family.

I chose Bohemian Rhapsody for this one especially because of the sentence “I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me”

Carignian | Neta Vineyard | Neve yarak

Something about this wine and its uniqueness just captured me. This wine really knows where it came from. It’s completely a woman. A woman that knows who she is, what she is and where her roots are. Black fruit, peppery, mint & eucalyptus turn in the style of this specific vineyard. A tight wine that made me a bit “loco” when I tried it the first time.

Drink alongside the Giraffot’s song – I have a whole in my heart in your shape

Dragon | Langhe Bianco | Vajra

Some people just looovvveee Cilantro, and some can’t stand it. This wine is Cilantro. Either you’ll go crazy for it, or you won’t understand why we did this to you. Salty, slightly sour, a bit fatty and a lot of “Hutzpah”. I’m basically in love.

Pairs well with “million dollar” because you either love Noa Kirel or hate to love her.

Stubborn saints | Philokalia

Ok, I don’t know what it is about this wine besides people that really love what they’re doing. Sincerely.

Vicky didn’t tell me what grapes this wine was made of. It’s slightly acidic, has a bit of hey scents, purple & red fruit. It feels pleasant to drink and is finished very fast. Literally. Only a few hundreds were produced. No matter how many bottles we ordered from this wine, it always runs out, and fast.

I love listening to “Dance it off” by Daniella Spector & Deana Ivgy.

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