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Lee's I DO moment - A marriage proposal during harvest.

1 AM on a September night. Harvest time in the Golan Heights region. I decided to go help Uri Hetz, the winemaker of Chateau Golan, to harvest his small mourvedre plot.

Two of my sommelier friends joined me, and surprisingly- Guy, my “I-prefer-beer” boyfriend went along as well.

We drove all night and arrived the plot at sunrise.

It took us a few hours to get those blackish grapes off the vines. We had so much fun, sang songs, and had a great laugh. But something was missing. Guy, who is usually a vibrant man, was suspiciously quiet. I tried to get him to open up, but nothing. Taking his picture was almost impossible.

When we finished harvesting, we loaded the grapes on trucks and drove to the winery in Eliad. The grapes had to be pressed, and the workers had to eat. And drink. We had to drink. So, instead of water, Uri purred some Rose wine, and we had some rest under the shadow of the vines.

What happened next was not predicted by me. Guy went down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife. Well, to be accurate, he didn’t actually ask. He pulled a ring and said nothing. I was shocked, but kindly asked him to pop the question with words or I have nothing to answer to. Long story short- I SAID YES!

We married on July 1st 2013. And the Chuppah was (how corny) and a grape vine.

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