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Why wine, why you?

Why wine? what’s so special about it? and why do I want you to hear & especially drink all about it??

To those of you who don’t know, I’m Shira and i LOVE wine

But why? why is wine so special compared to other alcoholic drinks?

Let’s start at the very beginning and learn some cold facts about wine:

Wine is Fun. It’s as simple as that, we drink it to enjoy it and to make us feel good ! so before we dive into the posh terminologies let’s remember that.

Wine wasn’t invented by human, it was discovered accidentally when some grapes started fermenting in a tank. Basic chemistry folks.

Wine (and read carefully here), unlike any other drinks is a living thing that changes constantly.

And this is what i want to talk about – change

While other drinks such as whiskey, beer or vodka give you a solid “i know what i’m getting” experience – wine will give you ALWAYS a different and new experience.

It’s in constant change and has a life span. It starts young and doesn’t yet know where it’s going, but it has it’s qualities and you can sense the potential. It starts growing, evolves, grows, surprises with new features and has it’s life peak. From then on the wine will have a down hill, it’s no longer a sexy George Clooney any more and will start the process of growing old and eventually dying.

chassagne montrachet 2004, golden pleasure

I guess you caught up on the analogy – To me wine is like us, people. We have a lifetime to grow and evolve into being the persons we want to be, and then continue changing and learning some more

The thing is that we are affected by almost everything, Where we were born, where we grew up, how well we were taken care of. Our moods change, our ideas change even our dreams.

We are always influenced by the conditions we live in, whether it’s too cold or too hot, whether we take care of ourselves mind and body

so will wine

and we have the privilege to change together.

Central park moments

You may be used to thinking that you’re a “Cabernet kind of man” Or a “Chablis kind of woman”, but when was it that you decided on that? maybe your palate had changed? maybe you have changed?

my guess is – probably…

In the craziness of life nowadays where everything is fast, demanding and viral i urge you to open a bottle and stop. everything.

Listen to your wine’s story

let it come out and try to understand what your’e sensing, what you’re feeling and please next time you open a bottle of wine

look at the vintage and ask yourself – where were you that year?

who were you that year?

Shira 1984, thoughts of 2016

A view to my life

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