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The beginning

Touring California

Many people ask me, where did it all start?

How did the wine passion begin & what is it that led you to pursue a life of wine?

Well, i have to give the credit to my father, who took our family to an amazing adventure.

It started 10 years ago, while living in Berlin, my father decided to reunite the family spread across the globe, and took us to a journey inspired by the beautiful movie – “Sideways”

The movie tells the story of two friends, in the search of the best Pinot Noir through the wine side of California’s st. Inez.

We went through the sideways, step by step following the movie, not passing one of the sites,

Each winery, each restaurant & each hotel.

I can’t begin telling, what an adventure it was for us, Bringing the family closer together than ever (as if it was even possible),

The laughter, The fun i can’t begin to describe with words , maybe the pictures can help – But to answer the question, where did it all began?

Right there….It was the journey that marked the beginning of a life long passion

And if you haven’t watched the movie yet – NOW is the time,

And if your love to wine is already there – Join me to the wine side of Israel.

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