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Welcome to the Wine Fairy Corporate!

After years of experience in the Corporate field, we at "The wine side" specialize in tailor made unique gifts.
Wether it's holiday season & time to pamper your employees, or just to say thank you to those very special clients, we create the perfect present that fits the occasion.
We specialize in:
- Creating branded boxes
- Wine as vibe packages where wine is the star but not alone 
- Delivery across the country
- Service & availability 


Also important - As fairies especially during COVID19, we work with local producers & Small importers , those special ones that you might not see in the store.

We support local businesses

OK this is how it goes:

Step 1 -

Whatsapp/ Phone call

A fairy will answer and ask you some questions.


Step 2 -


This is your part! Tell us your budget and we will create the perfect box.


Step 3 -

Fairymagic - a list is personally conducted for you and sent within the next days.



Sounds too easy??

Because it is, wine should always be part of your life, your occasions and your pallet.

So whether you’re feeling daring or just want some comfort - let the fairies take care of YOU

Let's create the perfect box

Here is Shira, the Wine Fairy

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